The amount of time required to go back and figure out how something works is much larger after you’ve already built the function. However, the more posts you have on your site, the tougher it gets for readers to find your best work. Both your future self and your teammates will thank you for leaving comments ahead of time. In computer programming, a comment is a programmer-readable explanation or annotation in the source code of a computer program. Using the right one will help you write cleaner code. Code should be well documented: The code should be properly commented for understanding easily. Posted on April 3, 2019 by B.J. Anti-Comment Point #3: Comments may be unrelated or offensive Comments are just that: comments. Coding Style Guide. The Standard of Code Review. You will be staring at this code all day long! The indentation should not be that of a tab. Attribute sections (Attribute specification) are cons… It improves readability, and maintainability of the code and it reduces complexity also. Implementation comments are meant for commenting out code or for comments about the particular implementation. If you feel like it’s necessary to document, something like this will suffice. If you are one of the few developers who truly understands building software then it’s important to mature with your coding skills. While there are some language-specific practices, too, there are more shared than not. Coding standards often abbreviated as CS among developers and they aim to keep code consistent to be easily readable and maintainable by most of PEAR folks. Using?var is actually a good idea for all those short-lived variables. We are all familiar with leaving an inline comment to explain a fix for Internet Explorer or Safari. This document is loosely based on the PEAR Coding standards. Every time that you open a bracket you should indent the code written after it. In this way you can quickly check where you’re editing when working on multiple pages at the same time. Expect to spend a decent amount time on this. Along with proper spacing this may be one of the best habits to get into. Follow the Boy Scout Rule Keep the following points in mind when writing PHP code for WordPress, whether for core programming code, plugins, or themes. There are so many data bits including functions, variable references, return values, parameters… how are you expected to keep up? In short examples that do not include using directives, use namespace qualifications. Describe the Intent Behind the Rule. Doc comments are meant to describe the specification of the code, from an implementation-free perspective. Also consider why you’re writing the code exactly as you are. That is true to a point, but if you’re going for keeping ambiguity to its absolute minimum, a quick comment is the way to go. 5.2 Commenting Your Work. Non-header or in-line comments are strongly encouraged. If you look in some files, the code doesn’t begin immediately because there’s a large header in the file that describes what its purpose is, the variables, functions, methods, and so on. Each programming language has a different way of commenting in the source code. Are there any other formalized standards that you prefer?" A general rule of thumb is that if you look at a section of code and think "Wow, I don't want to try and describe that", you need to comment it before you forget how it works. Principle #1 The first and foremost principle of a good review is this: if you commit to review code, review it thoroughly! Both PHP and JavaScript have the same methods for doing single- and multi-line comments: If you’re in the trenches day in and day out, writing code and pushing to GitHub, your organization may have a style guide for comments they want you to follow. I agree that database storage is a must-have in order to be a serious alternative to third party plugins like Gravity Forms. Comments (GNU Coding Standards) Next: Syntactic Conventions, Previous: Formatting, Up: Writing C . In-line commentary is one thing. This will give you a better idea of just how detailed you can become with project code. The API module parses documentation and code in PHP files, and it expects documentation to be in a format similar to other code/documentation parsing systems such as PHPDoc, JavaDoc, etc. It is common practice to count the software size (Source lines of code) to track current project progress or establish a baseline for future project estimates. Also, look at the example above: the comment header is absurdly long. This document goes a little further than most in some areas; however it is likely that these extensions will … The 6 Best Popular Posts Plugins for WordPress, 11 Essential WordPress Plugins for Any Website,, Download a FREE Global Presets Style Guide for Divi’s Pizzeria Layout Pack, The 8 Top Sales Training Courses Available Online. A comment before the function (or element) is good for organization and clarity. If you have to, do it before or after the function. ?> shorthand. Indent nested code Nested code improves readability. Through my own work I have created what I call grouping to pair similar CSS blocks into one area. Avoid going overboard since you generally don’t need to see single-line comments all the way down your page, but particularly for confusing junctions in your code, these are much easier to drop in last minute. Overview. Every program should start with a comment saying briefly what it is for. The way you choose to group styles is entirely up to you, and that’s the beauty of this system. This makes things prettier rather than run-on paragraphs – especially for others reading your comments. Everyone who has run a WordPress website for any amount of time has their own set of “must have” plugins that gets installed before doing anything else. The idea is that it’s better to have too many comments than to have too few. Length of functions should not be very large: Lengthy functions are very difficult to understand. In the worst-case scenario, they leave your site without ever seeing your... Posted on December 21, 2020 by B.J. Unlimited Websites. Each rule should have an identification string, a headline, and a … Even if you think you’re being funny or that it makes you look good, it isn’t and it doesn’t. 1 License. Never try to explain how your code works in a comment: it’s much better to write the code so that the working is obvious, and it’s a waste of time to explain badly written code. But the most beneficial use is a simple-minded explanation for small functionality. Even just a couple of words are better than nothing. Comments − C style comments (/* */) and standard C++ comments (//) are both fine. The individual programming languages do not set forth guidelines or specifications for how to setup your documentation. Generally, you want your comments to explain what your code does, not how. 2. It is very important for the programmers to maintain the coding standards otherwise the code will be rejected during code review. We can’t all sit in front of the computer for hours writing code. Remember that comments should be used to explain why you’re doing something, not exactly what it does. They are added with the purpose of making the source code easier for humans to understand, and are generally ignored by compilers and interpreters. B.J. That is recorded in Git or other version control software, and it should be available to anyone who needs that information. The tag @required isn’t something I’ve seen used elsewhere. 5.2 Commenting Your Work. Very briefly, let’s touch on the source code commenting naysayers. Comments − C style comments (/* */) and standard C++ comments (//) are both fine. a) Maintainability (Supportability) – The application should require the … Built to get you more shares and more followers. Writing code is a lot like writing prose. Or maybe something else will come up in the future, and they try to call a function that breaks everything and brings the project to its knees. You should remember that comments will be openly displayed to your visitors, since neither CSS nor JS is parsed server-side, but either of these methods works great for leaving informative tidbits in your code to go back over. All source code files in the PEAR repository shall contain a "page-level" docblock at the top of each file and a "class-level" docblock immediately above each class. Comments that disagree with the code are of negative value. If the coding standards are followed, the code is consistent and can be easily maintained. .code here { I suppose we can try, but at some point we need to sleep! Code MUST use 4 spaces for indenting, not tabs. See below: That’s overkill. Example: ‘ fmt - filter for simple filling of text’. A neat well laid out code with optimum commenting is easy to comprehend and enhance. In order to accomplish this, a series of trade-offs have to be balanced. Most programmers agree that coding standards are important. }, Yep this is what i do to. "In python do you generally use PEP 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code as your coding standards/guidelines? Comments don’t have any effect on your program, but they are invaluable for people reading your code. Nitpick on the developer code 2. This is because anyone can understand it and can modify it at any point in time. to be read by developers who might not necessarily have the source code at hand. JavaScript follows a more traditional method of commenting similar to Java, PHP, and C/C++. Currently, code should target C++17, i.e., should not use C++2x features. Notice above all the code would need to be on a new line after the opening bracket. If you agree with the change, then don’t leave the code commented out in your program, as it decreases readability. He livestreams "The Weekly WP Roundup" on the Elegant Themes Facebook and YouTube channel every Friday at 3pm EST, and he hosts the Geek to Geek Podcast for funsies in his free time. It’s important to note that we aren’t here to write a college-level research paper, but just leaving tips! Leaving descriptive comments is just good practice in the long run, and you’ll likely never regret it! Code should be written for humans 2. A coding standards document tells developers how they must write their code. We have different naming conventions and different problem-solving logic. In the standard library, non-default encodings should be used only for test purposes or when a comment or docstring needs to mention an author name that contains non-ASCII characters; otherwise, using \x, \u, \U, or \N escapes is the preferred way to include non-ASCII data in string literals. Because source code comments are ignored, you can use them to keep placeholder text in the file (sort of as an annotation to yourself to return there, or as an example to someone as an explanation). Just make sure that you never do this. Every person does it a little differently, and because of that, we all have a distinct voice when our code is read. Standards and conventions used by Epic Games in the Unreal Engine 4 codebase. I’ve added some meta information with my name and email address for contact. 1. Goals 1. Let’s agree (well, I suggest you to agree) to have an invariant basis for the reasoning about the topic. You can also use comments as part of the debugging process. In nutshell, coding standards play a vital role in any successful software development. I suppose I prefer those, too, now that you mention it. Additionally i add @ when it is something for responsiveness like this: /*@@@@ SLIDER MODULE RESPONSIVE @@@@*/, I’ve seen those a lot. HTML comments aren’t as purposeful compared to programming applications, but when you’re writing style libraries and page scripts things can get messy over time. They might even be in a giant box around it to call your attention to it. It’salways fine to leave comments that help a developer learn something new. Below are examples of such docblocks. If you own an e-commerce business, you’re probably interested in ways to increase sales. However, a number of circumstances exist that make more than enough of an argument to include documentation in the form of comments, regardless of how well-written and factored your code is. When you hit the Eureka moment and solve such a problem there is generally a moment in clarity where you understand your previous errors. It’s a balance you have to just learn over time, but there are some pretty good rules of thumb to consider. Additionally, the end user is likely never going to get into your source code, so the comment would only be seen by other developers (or hardcore users of the software who already know the documentation). Example: ‘fmt - filter for simple filling of text’.This comment should be at the top of the source file containing the ‘main’ function of the program. Unreal Engine 4 Documentation > Setting Up Your Production Pipeline > Development Setup > Coding Standard Coding Standard Unreal Engine 4 Documentation > Setting Up Your Production Pipeline > Development Setup > Coding Standard Coding Standard One overall note: comments and names should use US English spelling (e.g., "color" not "colour"). There are pre-formatted comment templates used in about every area of programming. A coding standard’s purpose is to restrict use of problematic areas of the programming language. Also, it is likely other people will become developers on your package at some point in the future. Comments having a special form can be used to direct a tool to produce XML from those comments and the source code elements, which they precede. PHP and HTML and JavaScript and C# all have slightly different symbols that begin and end code. Additionally this will give you practice to getting used to commenting all of your files. If you find any code that doesn't follow these rules, please take the initiative to fix it. While there are some lan… They make it … In this article, we’ll be discussing in-line comments within the scripts themselves. Or maybe they aren’t even recognized in the upload form, or maybe they are not displayed properly on the page after upload. Be sure to read the code, don't just skim it, and apply thought to both the code and its style.. Drupal coding standards are version-independent and "always-current". If you have suggestions for clearer code commenting, do let us know in the discussion area below! My method for CSS is as follows: /*SLIDER MODULE STYLING // This will call the close method and return void close_file (file * file) { close (file); } Mandated comments You do not have to document header files and add @param everywhere. In fact, if you ever wish to read up on Java coding standards, Oracle has just that. Doc comments are meant to describe the specification of the code, from an implementation-free perspective. Do not do line-by-line comments. Often, a clarification comment is a code smell. Coding standards help in the development of software programs that are less complex and thereby reduce the errors. Not quite like that, I don’t. Header comments are useful in source code for simple explanations of what to expect in that file. By Richard Bellairs. Drupal coding standards are version-independent and "always-current". Do not, however, provide a comprehensive list of dates on which the file was altered and new versions published. HTML comments aren’t as purposeful compared to programming applications, but when you’re writing style libraries and page scripts things can get messy over time. “var” Is Your Friend. Possible styles include links and unordered lists, footer columns, headings, sub-navs. example: okay; Here are few guidelines from the ‘Linux kernel coding style’: a. Tabs are 8 characters, and thus indentations are also 8 characters. In these cases, developers who come to a project later in development may look at a file and consider refactoring it take in that obvious solution. Commenting errors is important for two main reasons. Top ↑ Multi-line comments # Multi-line comments /* * This is a comment that is long enough to warrant being stretched over * the span of multiple lines. There is a not-small subset of developers who believe that commenting your code should be an exceptionally rare occasion. Best practices that are used to write better codes . You could perform a similar task on the code inside of a function where you’re confused about how it works, but this method would eventually clutter your code with inline comments, and that’s the exact opposite of orderly! It tells you that your code is too complex. Every time that you open a bracket you should indent the code written after it. General Coding Standards DATE POLICY # REV PAGE # 2/19/03 1 7 AUTHOR(s): APPROVED: Revised: Standards Group SEPG • An “identifier” is the generic term referring to a name for any constant, variable, or program unit. Code review can have an important function of teaching developers something newabout a language, a framework, or general software design principles. Some portion of the grade for most programming assignments is based on your coding style and how well it conforms to this document. Java coding standards and Javadoc style comments. Docblock Comment standards) The PEAR toolbox; Header Comment Blocks. The API module parses documentation that is in special documentation blocks (known as "docblocks" in the rest of this document). Avoid, however, comments that are clear from the code, as such information rapidly gets out of date. Notice that the specification does not need to be entirely contained in doc comments. Anything that you would put in that file should be put into your documentation anyway. Doing so will be a complete waste of time. This will keep everything much cleaner than adding a double slash beginning at each line. 1.6 References a. Leave a comment trail leading back to a few other files if this will help you remember functionality easier. They explain how your program works, and your intentions behind it. Nobody wants to go back over their program after it’s working and document every piece. That being said, modern-day developers have grouped together to format their own system of code commenting. This is a small bit of jQuery code targeting a sub-menu sliding navigation. I choose to keep things simple and straightforward so the stylesheets are easy to skim. I’ve outlined some of my own personal tricks to creating neat, formatted code comments. to be read by developers who might not necessarily have the source code at hand. Most of us don’t even want to go back and document the confusing areas! Ask yourself what is most confusing about the program and how can you best explain it in “dummy” language? Are the images uploading and being stored in temp memory? INLINE_SOURCES = NO # Setting the STRIP_CODE_COMMENTS tag to YES (the default) will instruct # doxygen to hide any special comment blocks from generated source code # fragments. The basics tenets of commenting your code are simple: If you can keep those in mind, you’ll be doing pretty okay. Please see the companion informational PEP describing style guidelines for the C code in the C implementation of Python .. Coding standards are a set of guidelines, best practices, programming styles and conventions that developers adhere to when writing source code for a project. If they don’t, however, or you are on your own, keeping this stuff in mind will not only make your job easier in the future, but will also help out anyone who comes after you, too. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so joining is Risk-Free! Here we explain why coding standards are important, so consider this your guide to finding and using coding rules and guidelines. Because it’s kind of pointless. For example if you’re building an image upload page and have to leave it uncompleted, you should comment about where in the process you left off. Regardless, if you have something that you know for a fact won’t work and that you know other people will likely try in the future, it’s okay to warn them about it. We not only gave the warning to future devs, but included a placeholder comment in the middle of a function. Instead of each developer coding … Indent nested code Nested code improves readability. However unlike PHP or JavaScript I use a single @group tag followed by a category or keywords. Argue whitespace issues (clang-formatauto formats brace positions and spaces) Any code you write, modify or generate should follow the coding standards. is a content creator for Elegant Themes from Florence, AL. The guidelines are similar to Pear standards in many ways, but differ in some key respects. We’ve spent the first half of this article looking at the various formats for code commenting. See also: PHP Documentation Standards. Comment out the old code and see how that affects your output. We all think our code makes sense — especially if it works — but someone else might not. PHP # PHP Single and Double Quotes # Single and Double Quotes Practically every single programming language offers inline comments. General Coding Standards, Author (s) unknown You can see I’ve used just a small sample class for the fake myWebClass code. This made commenting your code more useful than ever. This page describes the general JavaScript code conventions used by W3Schools. Making sure that use the right characters for the comments is imperative. I honestly didn’t even think of that being any different as a typical header because I’m so used to seeing it, haha. The Java Platform API Specification is defined by the documentation comments in the source code and any documents marked as specifications reachable from those comments. Publishing policy ‐ Privacy Policy, Web Design: How to Convert CSS to Sass & SCSS, A Look Into CSS Units: Pixels, EM, and Percentage, Create Animation in CSS Easily with Animate.css, Create Beautiful Progress Bar For Website with Pace.js, CSS Preprocessors Compared: Sass vs. LESS. You could alternatively add a bit of extra detail in each comment block. Otherwise it would all be caught on the same comment line! Use complete sentences, starting with a capital letter. Coding conventions allow to have simple scripts or programs whose job is to process source code for some purpose other than compiling it into an executable. Aside from commenting out functions and loops, block areas aren’t utilized as frequently. Stuff like this in a CSS file, for instance, where the readable code is broken up by comments that are ignored by the processors. All of the tools and processes of code review are designed to this end. But you can leave too many bad comments. It makes finding errors and correcting your code hundreds of times easier when variable blocks are so clean. The intent of this guide is to reduce cognitive friction when scanning code from different authors. The primary ones being that you’re not always going to be the one working on the project, and you can’t guarantee how experienced the next person will be. (HKDC). The syntax of comments in various programming languages varies considerably. I have kept up with the format in a few of my projects, only on pages where I’ve customized a lot of methods. So don’t. So, using coding standards prevents undefined or unspecified behavior. Comments regarding the statements increase the understandability of the code. It is obtrusive and generally unhelpful. Keep comments inside a function body short. When you’re building many features into the same application, things tend to get complicated. There might be a VS Code extension for it, but I honestly haven’t seen one in my time of using it. As mentioned by you follow PEP 8 for the main text, and PEP 257 for docstring conventions. @resets – taking away default browser margins, padding, fonts, colors, etc. It should come as no surprise that commenting your code is essential, both solo and team projects. Specifically breaking up CSS files can be a chore. @fonts – paragraphs, headings, blockquotes, links, code, @navigation – the main core website navigation links, @header & @footer – these may vary based on your design. ^ Meaning, an extension or editor that has the functionality similar to an audit report or how Word tracks changes in a document? Note: The Drupal Coding Standards apply to code within Drupal and its contributed modules. Coding standards are collections of coding rules, guidelines, and best practices. They must immediately precede a user-defined type (such as a class, delegate, or interface) or a member (such as a field, event, property, or method) that they annotate. More than that should go into the documentation. Such comments are single-line comments that start with three slashes (///), or delimited comments that start with a slash and two stars (/**). The version number is sufficient for most people who would be looking at this file. Use block comments to document a small section of code. Developers who have spent any time on large projects understand the importance of code comments. PHP Code Tags − Always use to delimit PHP code, not the