how to use a Berlin parking ticket vending machine. If applicable, the parking rates per day are € 0.50 to € 1.50. Book online for as low as $5 to save time & money when you park. I`m interested in P+R Alt-Mariendorf. Heute früh haben über 190 Einsatzkräfte der Polizei Berlin im Auftrag der Generalstaatsanwaltschaft Berlin die Wohnanschrift eines 15-jährigen syrischen Staatsangehörigen in Berlin-Marzahn durchsucht. The official prerequisites under which a temporary guest vignette is granted are: As of December 2015 prices for such a temporary long term guest vignettes are as follows: It can take several days or even weeks until the Host / Applicant actually receives the guest vignette. I know link but its not marked Umweiltzone – which parks are outside, and how to reach center of city easier, Hi Mikas, On the following screen you’ll see the address you just entered. Thank you very much! Often you don’t even need to take neither public transport nor taxi since chances are that the distance would not be too great – so you can also just walk back to your place and maybe discover some of your neighborhood streets on your way. The delivery company is unable to give me an exact arrival time- just a time frame of 8am-6pm. 10178 Berlin . I'm wondering if anybody can advise me on which Tamiya or Vallejo paints to use for the cammo. Where do you suggest we park for free and what public transport do we take? ist ein neuer Bewohnerparkausweis zu beantragen, der alte Bewohnerparkausweis ist abzugeben. In Germany we distinguish between two different types of ‘parking a car’: shorter ‘stop’ “halten” may still be ok even in spots where parking “Parken” is forbidden. Please help :). You can find further information about guest vignettes as well as the relevant form from the official Berlin website here: There some spots and areas where you should definitely NOT park your car, unless you want to have it towed away. » Berlin Map List You will notice you are in an area where the parking space is economically cultivated by the armada of signs and ticket vending machines – and those little ‘bills’ stuck behind some cars’ windscreen wipers. It also points out, where you don’t have to pay anything. If you just want to see where you’d have to pay, and where the free parking zones are located, all you have to do is enter an address and then navigate the map. in Berlin it’s rather easy to recognize the “Umweltzone” – at least once you know what to look for. Thank you! For Berlin residents there are long term tickets available. And I just wanted to share this funny ‘freihalten!’ painting, even though it was in Leipzig: Could you please advice a parking near Berlin outside “umweilt zone”. Wenn Sie in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Mitte, Spandau, Pankow oder Tempelhof -Schöneberg wohnen, so müssen Sie sich an das betreffende Bezirksamt wenden. On this page I will go a bit deeper into and will also try to explain, what the above parking sign means in details: How to read German Parking Signs. I took the information from the city websites and maps and made a Google Map that is (in my opinion) a lot easier to use then the official Map. The camper park Berlin, the new top parking lot for campers in Berlin-Tegel, profited by his(its) quiet and nevertheless traffic-favorable situation not far from the autobahn 111 which runs here in the tunnel. Aber was ist, wenn Sie Besuch bekommen? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. “Other restrictions” would then be indicated by no-parking signs. Some Berlin Hotels offer reserved parking areas for theirs guests. Even though we feel these are the BEST PARKS BERLIN, we do love many other green areas and parks. If you look at a Berlin map, actually only a relatively small area of the city, the inner city area is  not free to park. Nice job! If instead the red circle is crossed by two red bars, forming an “X”,  then it’s forbidden to either park or stop your car – even if it was only for a minute or two. So even if P+R Alt-Mariendorf would cost something, ou would still find free parking near by. Required fields are marked *. And welcome to B! As far as I know having the wrong Umweltplakette should only result in a fine – but it should now be a reason to be towed away… Best wishes! Schild "Parken auf dem Gehweg mit Parkschein oder Bewohnerparkausweis fuer Zone 2" mit Uhrzeiten und Wochentagen in Berlin-Mitte Eine Straßenbahn fährt in der Ostberliner Brunnenstraße , in derAutos der Marke Trabant parken, undatiertes Foto von 1990. At Alexanderplatz full-day-tickets are available for 24,- Euro (per 24h). And I’m really sorry to hear that your car was towed away – probably quite a bad and expensive experience. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2014 Bauherr. P+R PARKINGS BERLIN P+R locations close the tram stations offer free or at least very cheap but unguarded parkings spaces. Is that truth? Have a save trip and a nice stay! Der Bewohnerparkausweis stellt keine Berechtigung zum Parken auf einem bestimmten Parkstand dar. There should be almost always be some area nearby where you don’t have to pay any parking fee at all. Hi Carsten, Then it should be ok. Jeder Bewohner erhält nur einen Parkausweis für ein auf ihn als Halter zugelassenes oder nachweislich von ihm dauerhaft genutztes Kraftfahrzeug. ParkMe: The award-winning free app that helps you find the cheapest and closest parking around! Diese ist erforderlich, wenn das Fahrzeug nicht auf die antragstellende Person zugelassen ist. Mitte: verschiedene Karten für Mitte’s unterschiedliche Parkzonen (manche mit Parkzeiten und Parkgebühren) Es kann sich durchaus lohnen, einen Blick auf eine dieser Karten zu werfen. Trust me – it’s worth to take the extra ride and park outside of the ‘Parkraumbewirtschaftungszone‘. Also we are not concerned by the flight noise of the Tegeler airport. Berlin dating cafe - Auto Transport 123 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ January 27, 2019 by Donald Robinson. Der bisherige Bewohnerparkausweis muss vorgelegt werden, wenn durch eine Änderung ein neuer Bewohnerparkausweis ausgestellt werden muss. Taking the U6 this would only be 4 stops from Oranienburger Strasse / U-bahn Station Oranienburger Tor. I`m wondering what does parking sign with subsign “mit Parkschein” mean. till. I am of course not 100% sure – but I suppose parking at a Berlin Park & Ride station is free. If you don’t want to use that tool either because that is too much information, or the Java plug in too slow, you can also find static maps of the main areas of various different Berlin boroughs if you follow the links below: Here is a map (PDF-download) of all parking zones where you will have to pay – and where it’s free to park: till. And the good news is: you probably don’t have to look far for a free parking spot. Use our map. I will also ask them to provide me a written reason, why my car was towed. Hi Leena, Hi I am visiting Berlin in a few weeks we have hired a car from the airport and will be staying in a hotel 40 mins from the centre. If you are actually moving to Berlin you should check this option. Does this all make sense? Voraussetzungen für einen Anwohnerparkausweis in Berlin. Find & reserve a discount parking spot in Berlin at a discounted rate. Usually you would have to ask for such a parking zone two weeks in advance – and there is some paper work to be done – and you would also have to borrow the signs from somewhere. Thanks a lot. Have a save trip and a nice stay! Or you ask a service that can make that reservation and put up the parking signs for you. The blank areas are free of charge. Sorry that I reply only now! Have a safe travel to Berlin – and a nice stay! Ihr Bewohnerparkausweis läuft bald ab? Wow, that is amazing that so many places in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are still free of charge for parking. BUWOG-Scharnhorststraße 4 … The map tool may first appear to be a bit complicated. But in most cases / for most people this would probably be a bit too complicated. Bürgeramt – Straßenverkehrsbehörde . Paketbote überfallen 22. A residential parking permit is valid for up to 2 years and will cost you some 20,40 Euros (as of December 2015). In these areas parking fees vary between 25 cents for 15 minutes (or 1 Euro per hour) up to 1 Euro for 15 minutes (or 4 Euros per hour. So first you should get done what you need to get done. We will have half a day in Berlin (plans are to take tour bus and thats all). 20 EUR. ankreuzen bzw. In einer großen Stadt ist es oft eine große Herausforderung, eine Wohnung zu ergattern. The P+R Alt-Mariendorf (like all other stations as well) is well outside the area, where there is a parking fee. Der Unterausschuss des Bundesrats stimmt einem Antrag des Landes Berlin zu. Um einen Anwohnerparkausweis beantragen zu können, benötigen Sie eine Kopie Ihres aktuellen Personalausweises oder Reisepasses. Then you just take the public transport or a taxi back to your place. Berlin offer a very big capacity of parking places in the city centre. Das spart nicht nur jede Menge Zeit, sondern auch bares Geld. If I was you I would probably park my car near S-Bahn and U-Bahn station Wedding – just outside the Umweltzone. Hallo! Drop those suitcases or the extensive grocery shopping at your apartment – and then leave your car in one of the free parking areas – outside the area, where parking is not free. Could you help us, we are going to visit Berlin in summer. If you travel to Berlin by car, you probably sooner or later ask yourself “Where can I park my car? Below are some screenshot. € Bauzeit. The short answer: you can hire a company that would put up parking signs for you – but you should book such a reservation already two weeks in advance… Hope this helps! It might be worth checking these maps before you actually park your car over a couple of days. Wenn Sie in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg oder Steglitz-Zehlendorf wohnen, so ist das bezirksansässige Ordnungsamt für den Antrag zuständig. And here are two companies that can arrange such a parking area reservation for you: Please feel free to ask in the comments below – and I’ll try to answer…. So you better do not park your car…. Dating in berlin singles online dating members. If you are actually moving to Berlin you should check this option. There are even street signs that indicate zones where you may stop for two minutes – the signs are called “Parkverbot” (parking forbidden) or sometimes “Ladezone” (loading zone). On the top it does say “Free for 2 Hours” but further down under the section “Preise” (prices/fees) it says “24/7 free of charge” (Mo-So – Ganztägig – Kostenlos) so I suppose it’s free. We would like to drive to the centre near Alexander platz or the Brandenburg gate basically anywhere central and park our car in a car park that we can pay for the day any ideas where we could do this? Mit einem Bewohnerparkausweis können die Betroffenen, welche in der entsprechenden Parkzone wohnen quasi umsonst parken und sind nicht verpflichtet, einen Parkschein zu ziehen. Soweit sich keine Änderungen (Parkzone, Kfz-Kennzeichen, Fahrzeughalter, Nutzungsüberlassung) gegenüber dem Antrag ergeben haben, ist online kurz vor Ablauf die Verlängerung eines vorhanden Bewohnerparkausweises möglich. And how much does it cost?”. Verkehr in Berlin: Bis zu 240 Euro für einen Bewohnerparkausweis . too close to a street crossing (not less than 3 meters), too close to a driveway (you should not block the driveway). So in the end it is basically up to you: do you think somebody with average driving skills would be able to enter/leave the driveway? Entsprechende Informationen sind dem nachfolgenden Flyer zu entnehmen, der auch an die betroffenen Haushalte in diesem Bereich verteilt wurde. Select from premium Parkschein of the highest quality. Hallo! Heart of berlin mitte - how to most central hostels in berlin dating members from coffee capsule cup filter 3pcs. In Berlin können Sie in zahlreichen Stadtteilen wohnen und diese unterscheiden sich …, Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten bei Krankheit, Gesundheitspass in Berlin erhalten - so geht's, Kleingewerbe anmelden in Berlin - gewusst wie, Übersicht: Alles zum Thema Mobilität Allerlei, Vorläufiger Führerschein - so erhalten Sie ihn, Berlin: Reichenviertel - Hintergrundinformationen, Eine Befreiung von der Kfz-Steuer bekommt man wo? Berlin. In some areas night time parking is free of charge, other areas are ‘harvested’ 24/7. Hier bekommen Sie alle wichtigen Informationen zum Besucherparken in … Hier gilt für alle Bewohner der Hausnummern 101 - 137 das Bezirksamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg und für die Bewohner der Hausnummern 139 - 174 das Bezirksamt Berlin Mitte. Save money and get to your destination faster with ParkMe. So – yes, In all Germany (so also in Berlin) it is allowed to park your vehicle for up to two weeks. The ticket vending machines may look a bit complicated – so I put up a separate page that explains the basics of how to use a Berlin parking ticket vending machine. Here is a comprehensive list of public parking garages in Berlin. A residential parking permit is valid for up to 2 years and will cost you some 20,40 Euros (as of December 2015). So if you are looking for a long term parking spot, probably the cheapest (actually free) and easiest option would be to park your car in one of those cost free areas. The shipping company just told me that I need to arrange for parking for their delivery truck. Find the perfect Parkschein stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Also worth visiting are: Park am Glaisdreieck (Mitte/Schöneberg), Volkspark Hasenheide (Kreuzberg), Volkspark Rehberg (Wedding), Fritz-Schloss-Park (Moabit). I hope that helped to clear the unclear a bit? EC 38289350. as described above the Umweltzone is bordered by the S-Bahn-Ring – so everything inside the S-Bahn-Ring is inside the Umweltzone, and outside the S-Bahn-Ring is outside the Umweltzone. Parking in a driveway for example may sound tempting, but it’s not a good idea – even though driveways often look like free parking spots. :) The Umweltzone is bordered by the S-Bahn-Ring – so everything inside the S-Bahn-Ring is inside the Umweltzone, and outside the S-Bahn-Ring is outside the Umweltzone… So you could basically park anywhere outside the S-Bahn-Ring… Hope that helps? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Hotel parking won’t work due to height restrictions but I am wondering if there are won mobile restrictions in the free parking zones in the city? It came into full operation two days after a ceremonial opening on 26 May 2006. Some are underground garages like the one at Alexanderplatz, near Park Inn Hotel – or the one underneath Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg. Alternatively you can check this Google Map where basically the same information is provided – probably much easier to navigate. “with parking ticket from parking ticket vending machine”, Your email address will not be published. Bei Umzug Wenn das Parkraumgebiet gewechselt wird, das heißt, laut dem Straßenverzeichnis Bewohnerparkausweise in einen anderen Buchstabenbereich, ist ein neuer Bewohnerparkausweis zu beantragen. Do you have and thoughts, suggestions, additional recommendations or comments? For a one day reservation for a loading area 20m wide you would probably have to pay something around 75,- to 100,- Euro. Anwohner von Gebieten mit hohem Parkdruck haben wir deshalb das Bewohnerparken eingeführt. » Berlin Books, Newsletter | Twitter | Facebook | RSS-Feed, nu Berlin Gift Shop: things at spreadshirt. Halterbestätigung. Your email address will not be published. The City of Berlin has released a map tool, pointing out where you would have to pay to park your car – and how much is charged by the hour. Der Bewohnerparkausweis ist im Fahrzeug von außen gut sichtbar anzubringen. Einen Anspruch auf Erteilung eines Bewohnerparkausweises hat, wer innerhalb der Parkzone meldebehördlich registriert ist und dort tatsächlich wohnt. Also this ‘tool’ shows that there should be no fee: Dears, please could you advise me? Stressfrei einen Umzug vorbereiten – Halteverbotszonen einrichten. More details I will find out tomorrow at the police station on Wedekinstrs., Falls Sie einen Reisepass zur Feststellung Ihrer Identität vorgelegt haben oder den Anwohnerparkausweis für einen Zweitwohnsitz beantragen, so müssen Sie außerdem noch nachweisen, dass die Adresse, für die Sie den Ausweis beantragt haben, wirklich Ihr Wohnort ist. How much would public transportation cost for 2 adults, 3 children (18, 15, 12 year olds). Probably just as safe as anywhere else in Berlin. Berlin: 20,40 Euro (zwei Jahre lang gültig) Düsseldorf: 30 Euro; Frankfurt: 50 Euro (zwei Jahre lang gültig) Kassel: je nach Parkzone 20,45 Euro, 25,56 Euro oder 30,68 Euro; Köln: 30 Euro; Mainz: 60 Euro (zwei Jahre lang gültig) München: 30 Euro; Nürnberg: 30 Euro Berlin emission zone – the environmental badge,,, Nach einer langen Suche sind Betroffene oft erleichtert, wenn sie endlich Erfolg haben. » Berlin 101 [Info Pages] In case you are moving and you need to have some space for the truck in front of your door you can actually reserve a spot in the street. Das Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin hat eine neue Parkzone in der Oranienburger Vorstadt eingeführt. However you should probably not leave any precious objects lying around the car – but I guess that’s rather obvious. Wichtig für die Beantragung von Bewohnerparkausweisen till, Thank you for this clear info! Neubau eines 5-geschossigen Wohngebäudes mit zwei Penthäusern und einer Tiefgarage Leistungen. …hope that helps somehow – I’ll add more detailed info ‘here’ in english a.s.a.p.… on a handicapped parking / disabled parking space, often marked with a symbol representing a wheel chair. Dieses Prinzip greift auch oft beim Bewohnerparken. Scharnhorststraße 4, Berlin-Mitte 54 Wohnungen am Invalidenfriedhof Projektbeschreibung. Sie können Ihren Bewohnerparkausweis bei dem Bürgeramt Prenzlauer Berg schriftlich per Post, per E-Mail oder per Fax beantragen Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin Bürgeramt 13341 Berlin. » Berlin Quotes » The Berlin Wall So if you are planning to stay at a hotel, chances are that there may be an additional option available. wenn Sie über ein NFC-fähiges mobiles Endgerät verfügen, legen Sie Ihren Personalausweis auf die dafür vorgesehene Stelle. I called police and they told me it was towed for wrong parking. that is indeed a bit tricky question. Falls das Auto, für welches Sie den Anwohnerparkausweis beantragen, nicht Ihres ist, so brauchen Sie eine schriftliche Bestätigung des Eigentümers darüber, dass Ihnen das Auto zur dauerhaften Nutzung zur Verfügung steht. till, Hello, I wonder for how much longer. First of all: this is a great opportunity to learn another very german, but quite useless word: “Parkraumbewirtschaftung” – which means something like “economical cultivation of parking lots”. Here is the tool: Those signs – or actually those areas are called “Halteverbot” which indicates that it’s forbidden (“verbot”) to stop (“Halte”) the car in these places. Für Sie als Anwohnerin bzw. Die Parksituation kann manchmal ganz schön schwierig sein. (click on the image in the middle of the page to open the tool). Depending on the borough, area, or even street the fees go from 1 Euro per hour to 3 Euros per hour. Dezember 2020. The mainstay of the British Army of the 1960s and 1970s, the Chieftain Main Battle Tank succeeded the Centurion and was in turn replaced by the Challenger. The P+R locations close the tram stations S-Bahn or U-bahn offer free or at least very cheap but unguarded parkings spaces. Um einen Anwohnerparkausweis beantragen zu können, benötigen Sie eine Kopie Ihres aktuellen Personalausweises oder Reisepasses. And even if you are not staying at a hotel yourself, it may still be worth asking at a hotel near where you are stying if they have parking lots available. In Berlin reicht die angemeldete Nebenwohnung. Ursache : Exception thrown: Der Aufruf der Anwendung war nicht korrekt. In besonderen Fällen müssen Sie in eines der unten aufgeführten Bürgerbüros kommen: Änderungen des Kennzeichens; Eintrag von bis zu drei Kennzeichen; Umzug in ein anderes Regelungsgebiet; Verlust des Bewohnerparkausweises Terms and Conditions for parking space usage. Here is the link:, Hi Matthijs, Is it safe to park in that area? But if you happen to see the slightest sign (literally) which indicates that it’s not ok to park here, then it’s probably not ok to park here. I also think your map looks much more handy and easier to use than the official ‘parking zone tool’. Somewhere else, I`ve read I can park only 2h on P+R, ridiculous… What is the truth? Der Anwohnerparkausweis für Berlin berechtigt Bewohner von Gegenden der Hauptstadt, in denen das Parken sonst kostenpflichtig ist, auf den Gang zur Parkuhr zu verzichten. Zurück 315 Montgomery street 9th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104 Check out street parking by this office 222 Merchandize Mart Plaza Suite 1212 Chicago, IL 60654 Does P+R parking cost something? As far as I know the law even considers maneuvering one time not a problem – but if the person entering or leaving has to go back and forth several times then it is considered “blocking”. Some driveways may however be not in operation and it’s totally ok to park there. Tonight, there is another car parking, at exactly same spot. They may be a bit hidden, but of course there are also parking garages available in Berlin. I have Czech licence plate and I entered the city with yellow vignette no.3. Berlin Tourism Berlin Accommodation Berlin Bed and Breakfast Berlin Holiday Rentals Berlin Holiday Packages Berlin Flights Berlin Restaurants Berlin Attractions Berlin Shopping Berlin Travel Forum Berlin Photos Berlin Map Berlin Guide All Berlin Hotels; Berlin Hotel Deals; Last Minute Hotels in Berlin; By Hotel Type Berlin Motels; Berlin Hostels But we can’t get a green environmental zone sticker to our car. Finde Bilder - Interviews - Portraits - Lifestyle - Partys - Konzerte von Berlin Nachttourist In Berlin gibt es beispielsweise 44 Parkzonen, welche bewirtschaftet werden. That would mean, that you could actually park your car quite close to the parkway. Dies können Sie tun, indem Sie sich dies beim Berliner Melderegister schriftlich bestätigen lassen und diese Bestätigung dem Antrag beifügen. Even if the stretch of street in front of my building was paid parking, how would I go about organizing parking for a large truck with no definite parking time? In Berlin reicht die angemeldete Nebenwohnung. Park and Ride Berlin Would you like to have cheap parking for more than a few days ? I have had my household belongings shipped from Canada to Berlin and they are arriving soon. Jeder Bewohner erhält nur einen Parkausweis für ein auf ihn als Halter zugelassenes oder nachweislich von ihm … Hi Laura, There were no signs as I would be aware off and tonight (Wednesday) when I got to pick up my car it was not there. Cheers! Kellie, Hi! Some hotels may actually welcome you and your car or motorcycle, even if you are not their guest otherwise, because for them a rented parking lot is of course better than an empty parking lot. Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin . How to use a Berlin parking ticket vending machine. Der Ort, an dem der Anwohnerparkausweis beantragt werden kann, ist abhängig davon, in welchem Berliner Bezirk Sie wohnen. Falls Sie Ihren Ausweis aufgrund eines Umzugs von einer Zone auf eine andere umschreiben lassen wollen oder einen verloren gegangenen Ausweis ersetzen lassen wollen, so kostet dies 10 bzw. In the zones marked yellow you’ll have to purchase a parking ticket. Sie können den Bewohnerparkausweis online für drei, sechs, zwölf oder 24 Monate beantragen oder verlängern. We are planning to stay at a hotel in Berlin and need to park our RV while in the city. » Berlin Movies Bringen diese jedoch ein Auto mit, erwartet sie nicht selten gleich die nächste schwierige Aufgabe: Einen nahen Parkplatz finden. Park and Ride Park and Ride . as far as I know you will actually have to ask a local Berliner (your host) to get a “Gästevignette” for you. We have a rental car and would like to park for free (Berlin Wall Memorial, Reichstag Building, Typography of Terror, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery, etc) and take public transport. I’m working on updating it with current prices and more parkinggarages…. Hier reicht es, wenn Sie die erste Seite des Papiers kopieren. Here’s a German article on the website of the city of Berlin, describing the alternatives: Stressfrei einen Umzug vorbereiten – Halteverbotszonen einrichten. Instead you can also either ask the moving company – in case you are hiring one. On Monday night I have parked on Auerstrasse 16, Friedrichshain. best regards Falls Sie in einem dieser Bezirke wohnen, reicht es aus, eine schriftliche Erlaubnis zu erteilen, damit der zuständige Sachbearbeiter Einsicht in das Register erhält. » Accommodation Eine Besonderheit gilt für Bewohner der Kurfürstenstraße. » Things to do, » Travel Guide List More expensive are the hotel car parks. My family of 5 is staying in Berlin Mahlsdorf at the end of our road trip through Germany. Antrag auf Ausstellung eines Bewohnerparkausweises . I live on Schönhauser Allee and the stretch of street outside our building is marked as a loading zone, with paid parking on either side of the loading zone. ergänzen: Hiermit beantrage ich für die Bewohnerparkzone meines Wohnbereiches die Ausstellung eines Parkausweises für das Fahrzeug mit dem amtlichen Kennzeichen: 12529 Berlin Tel: +49 711 305 70 305. 6,9 Mio. I’m not sure if you’ll know the answer to this, but I’m not sure where to find an answer so I’ll start here :) I’m really at a loss of what to do here. So who is who – what is what? My car is Euro 3 diesel – not allowed inside. thank you very much for the effort! anwohnerparkausweis berlin mitte - Die Suche, mit der Du genau das findest, was Du suchst. Car parking in Berlin - Photo: T.Bortels/ no, there are no ‘general’ restrictions concerning parking an RV, a caravan or a trailer in the street. Is it possible for me to reserve the loading zone or something? The truck is 12 meters long and 18 ton. Bewohnerparkausweis. Rule of thumb: if you happen to pack things in or off your car, could be also fellow travellers, then it’s ok to stop for about two minutes. This is of course a rather vague definition – and in the end it would probably be necessary to call the police if you really wanted to prove that a car was blocking or not blocking a driveway.

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