If you’re a teen and you want to get more likes, all you have to do is visit a recent post on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram and click to view the comments. Instead, what you see in the comments on Kylie's super popular account (98.7 million followers and counting) is an Instagram-specific acronyms that can be translated fairly easily once you recognize the pattern. — Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) November 30, 2012. (Image: Instagram @KylieJenner) This means writing 'LB' and 'CB' is a way of trading likes and comments back and forth between strangers. Life & Style has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. save hide report. 3 Answers. okay so on heaps of celbrity's insta's most of the comments are usually: *lb *first. So I'm trying out disabling my comments on Instagram because I'm done w people self promoting & the "LB"s, — Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) August 2, 2016. Most Common IB Meaning IB stands for Inspired By. Proper usage and audio pronunciation of the word lb. The proof is in the Christmas onesie! Needless to say, the trend has left many scratching their heads. As explained by Content Marketing Manager Taylor Loren in an article called "How I Hacked the Instagram's Algorithm Like a Teen": "One glance at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account, and you’ll notice tens of thousands of one-word comments on every photo: “lb, lb, lb, lb, first, lb, first, first, lb, row.” It’s fascinating. This is one initially had me scratching my head the hardest, because, to me, FB stands for Facebook. I feel very out of the loop on that one. STOP WRITING LB ON ALL MY INSTAGRAM PHOTOS AND USING ME AS A WAY TO ADVERTISE YOURSELF. Because what else would everyone do with all that spare time? I'm pretty sure it means 'liking back'. LB stands for Like Back. — Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) November 30, 2012. Users know how famous Kylie Jenner is and would love for her to like one of their posts. Note: We have 178 other definitions for LBS in our Acronym Attic. The acronym stands for “like back,” meaning a user will like one of your posts if you like one of theirs. The libra part of the phrase meant both weight or balance scales. For every person that comments 'lb,' (which is nearly all of them) just go to their profile, like a photo, and they’ll like one of your photos back. Details About Her Pregnancy And Rumors She's Having A Baby GIRL. Life & Style is part of the A360 Media Entertainment Group.Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. So at least they are making a point of promising to waste their own valuable time in exchange for your waste of yours. FB means "follow back", as in "if you follow me, I will follow you in return." Given that so many people spend such large quantities of time trying to get stars to engage with them on Instagram posts, it makes sense that the comment counts on public figures' photographs tend to run in the hundreds and even the thousands. Jack. Repeat this until your thumbs get tired, and you’ll have racked up the likes in no time.". LB is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary when on social networking sites and you didn't just LOL because it was funny Nikki Bella Is 'Getting Used to' Weight Gain as She Flaunts Baby Bump, Cardi B Leaves Little to the Imagination in See-Through Outfit, blocked the emoji from appearing in her comments. sports Cowboys. #Repost @normieandbambijenner ・・・ Welcome penny to the family, A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Aug 5, 2016 at 12:35pm PDT. 2 0. peacock. More details and swatches are on my snapchat! Nope. So if you like one of their photos they will like one of yours How do you think about the answers? Information about lb … Or Kim Kardashian. "Teens use Instagram very differently than adults and businesses do; they favor likes and comments over followers, and will frequently delete photos if they don’t get enough likes. In return, they will (supposedly) go on to my page and return the favour. Instagram can be a great platform for sharing and viewing memories with family and friends, content from your favorite public figures, and interesting products of businesses around the world. CB is another form of self-promotional slang which, similarly to "lb", implies that if you visit their account and comment on one of their posts, they, in turn, will visit you and comment on one of yours. As it turns out, "first" is yet another request to fellow Kylie followers that is similar to "lb" but specifically asking their kindred spirits to like their most recent post in exchange for the same. Random!—and culled 101 acronyms and abbreviations that you can start working into your g-chats, text messages, tweets, Instagram captions, … When some posts "Instant" in the comments on one of Kylie's photos, they are offering you an instant "like" in return for the liking of one of their photos. Learn more. What year had the most people named Lb born? If you still want your followers to be able to comment, but you don’t want to see “LB” on every post, you can instead just block the phrase — so if someone does write “LB,” it won’t show up for others to see. So if you like one of their photos they will like one of yours. This is arguably my favorite item this list. LBL = little bladder leakage. I initially assumed I was hip and cool enough to understand that when people comment "first" on an Instagram post, it means they were the first person to comment and they wanted that fact to be known. Originally, Taylor haters began calling her a snake, and Kim was quick to jump in on the gag — but eventually, the “End Game” singer flipped the script and embraced the nickname, making snakes a theme in the artwork for her album Reputation. She recently launched her Snapchat series, Ask Kylie and she’s getting more famous everyday. 47.1k Followers, 1,958 Following, 4,343 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from LB Originals (@lboriginals) Available tomorrow at 3pm pst until my birthday, AUGUST 10th! 8 years ago. If you ask me, Instagram is pretty weird, and the way people use celebrities' accounts to build up their own "brand" is even weirder, but now you know! Nope. The highest recorded use of the first name Lb was in 1991 with a total of 6 babies. Powerful AF Kylie Jenner May Have Just Cost Snapchat Billions of Dollars With One Simple Tweet, Instagram Stalking Your Crush Is About to Get a Whole Lot Harder, Teletubbies Spotted Outside Teletubbyland: Get All of the Details, The Teletubbies Insider Noo-Noo Spills All the Dirt on the ‘Naughty Tubbies’ Split, Single or Taken? @kyliecosmetics, A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Jul 31, 2016 at 2:24pm PDT. Think "first for first but asking strangers to like "rows for rows." © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. "No filter" (which you'll usually encounter in hashtag form — as in, #nofilter) means that … What does LB and First mean? Most Common LB Meaning. An abbreviation that is widely used in texting and chat, and on Instagram, Vine, Facebook and elsewhere on the internet, but what does IB mean in slang? If a person comments on your picture or video with "LB" he is asking that you like one of his posts too. "Lb" … What does CB mean on Instagram? Details About Her Pregnancy And Rumors She's Having A Baby GIRL, "How I Hacked the Instagram's Algorithm Like a Teen", in August of 2016 she announced via Twitter, There's Now A Sexy Pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Because The World Has Gone Crazy, What It Means When Someone Is Being 'Extra' — Plus 17 Hilarious Memes That Explain How To Use It, Rebecca Jane Stokes is a sex, humor and lifestyle writer, Becca After Dark on YourTango's Facebook Page. She hosts the sex, love, and dating advice show, Becca After Dark on YourTango's Facebook Page every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:20 pm Eastern. The acronym stands for “like back,” meaning a user will like one of your posts if you like one of … The more likes you rack up on a photo, the more popular your account looks. LB LB stands for "Little Boy', commonly paired with LG for 'Little Girl'. Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant!! Why were all these youths screaming "FACEBOOK!" However, I couldn't understand why dozens so many other people were also doing it. To help each other out, they’ve gathered around the teen Instagram queen Kylie Jenner (and her sister Kendall) to create a sharing economy of Instagram likes. I'm pretty sure it means 'liking back'. Needless to say, no one listened. Answered. 8 years ago. Jessica Simpson is keeping the weight off more than a year after she revealed she lost 100 pounds. For more of her work, check out her Tumblr. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples What can I say? Texting Abbreviations See more texting abbreviations here. You get the point. Wanted to do something fun and find a way to all celebrate my birthday together. Make the most of your Instagram experience! This one doesn't refer to the camper's version of coffee, but rather, and again, to likes. Maybe if everyone simply posted more engaging photos this would not be a thing they feel they need to do, but OK. That's what it means. So, what does “LB” in an Instagram comment actually mean? The endless "Lb's" once forced Kylie to temporarily disable comments on her photos. Keep up With Your Favorite 'Bachelor' 2018 Contestants by Following Them on Instagram! It can be hard, if not impossible, to siphon through those busy streams to see if anyone LOL'd (laughed out loud) at your witty repartee, and even when you do manage to scroll through a solid portion of them, the words and letters you find there are often confusing AF (as f---). See Who Former Bachelor Nick Viall Is Dating, Inside Kanye West's 'Sweet' Relationship With Daughter North, How Tristan Has Stayed 'Dedicated' to Khloe Amid Boston Move, Momager Money! What does CB mean in email? Definition of lb in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. On Instagram, “LB” means like back. Well, wouldn't you? Soon enough, Swifties flooded Kim’s Instagram with the snake emoji, and the reality star was so annoyed that she blocked the emoji from appearing in her comments. The technique has caused plenty of Instagram fanatics to go overboard trying to gain more likes, spamming photos with dozens of “LB” comments — and Kylie Jenner, who receives millions of comments each day, asked her legions of fans back in 2012 to stop posting the phrase. Favorite Answer. The term was adopted and bestowed upon the youths within the Asian-Australian Community most likely due to their smaller frames. This is pretty much exactly the same thing as simply writing "first:, but I suppose for … Looking for online definition of LB or what LB stands for? Meet the 'Bachelor' Contestants for Season 24! MY BIRTHDAY COLLECTION!!! It can be seen on the pages of celebrities and means “like back.” Kylie Jenner yelled at her Instagram followers for writing LB on her pictures. In fact, Kim Kardashian used the trick after her feud with Taylor Swift blew up. Bede. STOP WRITING LB ON ALL MY INSTAGRAM PHOTOS AND USING ME AS A WAY TO ADVERTISE YOURSELF. This is pretty much exactly the same thing as simply writing "first:, but I suppose for people who don't trust others to know about the whole reciprocity thing. You can sign in to vote the answer. The comments on Kylie's posts came roaring back to life just five days later with the announcement of adorable new puppy Penny. We strive to bring people together in a safe and supportive community. RELATED: There's Now A Sexy Pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Because The World Has Gone Crazy. First for First. RELATED: Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant!! "Lb" is the most common comment that the Kardashians and Jenners receive — and the most annoying. Have you ever wondered why we use the symbol "lb" for the "pounds" unit?The word "pound" is short for "pound weight," which was libra pondo in Latin. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the first name Lb is Saturday, September 15th, 1883. We believe expression is the greatest connector. new search; suggest new definition; Search for LBS in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia We abbreviate and use CB not only in texting, but on all the social media sites and through other digital communication. at Kylie Jenner? Jady. I mean, celebs usually post about the salad they just had for lunch and stuff. Answer Save. Lb definition: lb is a written abbreviation for → pound , when it refers to weight. This is the simple bit: The acronym stands for “like back” or “likeback.” It’s a request from one user to another for a “like”; the idea is that it will … Relevance. Note that this is what Research Maniacs think CB means in texting. I think LB on Instagram means "Love Back" 1 3. What does lb mean? Answer Save. 50% Upvoted. Kylie has more than 97 million followers and she’s just getting started. Lb means "like back", which is the commenter's way of letting others know that if you visit their account and like one of their posts, they, in turn, will visit you and like one of yours. At least, they feel like they're getting a glimpse into the private lives of the celebrities they adore. No Filter. What does "Lb" mean on Instagram? Many Instagram users comment “LB” on a star’s page instead of a friend’s since a celebrity has millions of more followers than an ordinary user, meaning their comment has the potential to be seen by more accounts. When the onslaught continued anyway, she grew so annoyed that in August of 2016 she announced via Twitter that she was disabling ALL comments on her Insta. Example. Another reason people spend so much time on Instagram is that, in addition to letting them know about the latest quilt Aunt Phyllis made for the church sale, they get a glimpse into the private lives of the celebrities they adore. 5 Answers. This is where one user sends the other a request to like his post back, as returning the favor. "We adopted the pound part from pondo, yet kept the abbreviation for libra. It's a form of shameless self-promotion and a little annoying, sure, but it doesn't exactly rise to the level of extreme alien activity I was hoping for. lb definition: 1. written abbreviation for pound: 2. written abbreviation for pound: 3. abbreviation for pound . Some people write “l4l” or “like4like,” which means the same thing — if you help my page become more popular, I’ll return the favor. So now that you know the history behind the seemingly bizarre Instagram slang comments on Kylie's pictures, here's a breakdown of the 9 most common Insta acronyms you'll find there. what does lb and first mean on instagram? Using LB. If you're a real glutton for punishment who wants to feel like an ancient person living beneath a rock back in the stone age, go visit Kylie Jenner on Instagram. 1 0. Taking a look through her posts, the first photo she uploaded with comments disabled was an ad for her makeup line posted on July 31, 2016. If I was to partake in this bizarro trade, I would go onto the commenter's page and like their photo/s. Or Kendall Jenner. Why this matters I know not, but that is because I am a wizened crone. LB: This is a newer term. How you can go about using it … Why are people commenting that on Kylie Jenner's instagram? Though the fad isn’t dying out anytime soon, you can prevent followers from commenting in general, as Instagram gives you the option to turn off comments on any of your own photos. So there you go. LB stands for "like back" and is commonly used on Instagram. Let's give the people who post the word "rows" some props because rather than timidly suggesting that strangers should like just one of their photographs on Instagram, they are instead asking people to like ROWS of their personal posts. According to Instagram user @ccubazlokiito305 — a frequent commenter on Kendall Jenner's posts — lb means "like back" and cb stands for "comment back". RELATED: What It Means When Someone Is Being 'Extra' — Plus 17 Hilarious Memes That Explain How To Use It. Noticing a pattern here? Chances are that if you are a person who spends even a small amount of time online and on social media that you have spent time a portion of that time on Instagram. Rebecca Jane Stokes is a sex, humor and lifestyle writer living in Brooklyn, New York with her cat, Batman. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 42 definitions). share. Why is everyone commenting LB or first on all her posts? All Rights Reserved, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Khloe Kardashian Gives a Little Tour of True Thompson's 'Sweet' Bedroom, Behold These ~Truly~ Adorable Photos of Khloe Kardashian's Daughter. So exactly the same as "lb", but in warp speed ahead mode. Because what else would everyone do with all that spare time? Meaning of lb. LB stands for ‘like back’ or ‘ likeback’ on Instagram.